Monday, February 11, 2008

Tiger Woods Foundation

Tiger Woods Foundation Announces the Fist Pump Challenge!
January 21, 2008

Anaheim, Calif.

Before the numerous trophies and the countless fans, a young Tiger Woods beat his father on the course for the first time. Although not recorded in any record books, this important event will always stand out as Tiger's first Fist Pump Moment.

On January 21, 2008, Tiger Woods announced the launch of his Fist Pump Challenge, an online contest designed to help young people identify and share their greatest achievements. As part of the Challenge, Tiger is asking young people everywhere to share their very own Fist Pump Moments with the world via

"It is important for young people to celebrate their accomplishments. The Fist Pump Challenge allows kids to highlight the moments in their lives that brought them closer to reaching their goals," Woods said. "I believe that small steps can lead to big changes."

According to Woods, a Fist Pump Moment can be any significant accomplishment in a person's life that has been crucial to achieving an ultimate goal, from improving your grades to getting the lead in the school play.

To share their Fist Pump Moment, children are asked, with their parents' permission, to visit, and submit a video including their name, age, Fist Pump Moment, significance of that experience, and end with a fist pump. Those without video access can e-mail their Fist Pump Moment for posting.

Video and written entries will be voted on by website visitors with prizes going to the highest ranked submissions. Prizes include iPods, Tiger Woods '08 EA Video Games, and gift cards. Details on video content and challenge rules are available on

Later this year, the Tiger Woods Foundation plans to tie the Fist Pump Challenge into the Earl Woods Scholarship program, offering children in the Washington D.C. and Orange County, Calif. areas the opportunity to vie for a scholarship to college via the Challenge. The Foundation has plans to expand the scholarship program to a national level at a later date.

In addition to launching the program, Tiger and his mom, Kultida Woods, dedicated a statue to celebrate the legacy of Earl Woods and honor his efforts to reach millions of children. The 8-foot bronze replica of Tiger and his father was designed by Elliot & Ivan Schwartz of Studio EIS.

"Building on my father's legacy, I am challenging children to make a difference in the world, and to reach higher and farther than they ever imagined," Woods said.

About the Tiger Woods Foundation

Since its inception in 1996 by Tiger Woods and his father Earl, the Tiger Woods Foundation has reached an estimated 10 million young people through character development, career exploration and grant making programs. Programs developed and supported by the Tiger Woods Foundation all share a similar mission of empowering young people to dream big and to set specific goals to achieve their dreams.

Launched in February 2006, the Tiger Woods Learning Center is an innovative 14-acre, after school campus designed to inspire career exploration. Serving members in grades five through 12, classes include forensic science, robotics, engineering, aerospace, video production and home design. More information on the Tiger Woods Foundation and its programs can be found at

Contact: Emily Taylor/Rachel Rees, Tiger Woods Foundation, 949-725-3003

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