Wednesday, February 20, 2008

2 Million Minutes

2 million minutes
Written by: Ed Morrison
After finishing eighth grade, students in the United States, India and China each have about 2 million minutes until high school graduation. How they use that time will affect their futures and the futures of their countries.

That's the premise of a riveting new documentary, "Two Million Minutes: A Global Examination," about the lives of two high-achieving teens in each of the three nations.

Do U.S. students squander their high school minutes?

2 million minutes

We at Educate Cleveland, hope that you as students become change makers for the WORLD. How you spend your time is critical. Make sure that you kick your game up a notch. Despite all of the negatives that come against take them and turn them into positives and success for yourself. Only you can navigate the full potential of your life so use your 2 Million Minutes wisely.

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