Thursday, March 27, 2008

Innovation: Pursuing Quality Public Education in Cleveland

Wednesday, May 7 at noon

Innovation: Pursuing Quality Public Education in Cleveland.

Panelists: Eric Gordon, Chief Academic Officer for Cleveland Metropolitan School District; Perry White, Founder and Executive Director of Citizens' Academy; Cathy Whitehouse, PhD, Co-founder and Chief Educator of The Intergenerational School; and John Zitzner, Co-founder of Entrepreneurship Preparatory School.

Moderator: Randy McShepard, VP, Public Affairs, RPM International Inc.

The pursuit of quality public education in Cleveland is a complex and daunting challenge. However, an increasing variety of innovative strategies and tactical school choice initiatives are being employed. How are these local innovations changing the conversation about education? How is increasing choice impacting urban public education? How can urban public schools better address the benefits of parent and community involvement? How can collaboration and cooperation further this pursuit? Is there a role for competition? Four educators will each share their perspectives on these questions and other issues in an interactive discussion. Come hear leaders from three successful community schools and the chief academic officer of the Cleveland Metropolitan School District talk about their innovative work.

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