Monday, September 03, 2007

Greater Cleveland Sports Commission Internship

Internship Program

Spring Term
January - April
Apply by: November 15
Summer Term
May - August
Apply by: March 1
Fall Term
September - December
Apply by: July 15

The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission offers internships throughout the year that focus on various events and projects. Due to the nature of the organization, our projects and events are rarely the same; the internship experience depends heavily on the current happenings of the Sports Commission and, at times, the commitment of the intern to suggest and develop projects as he/she sees fit. There are four (4) inernship positions available each session (Spring, Summer & Fall) that will consist of projects and tasks relating to Communications, Marketing, Event Management and Fundraising/Development. The intern program is not intended to be administrative, but on occasion, administrative tasks will need to be completed by all staff members. The goal of the internship program is to provide a meaningful and educational experience in the Sport Industry.

Compensation - The Greater Cleveland Sports Commission offers a $200 per month stipend to interns (amount to be determined). Interns will be paid monthly. Interns will not be paid overtime.

Work Hours - The summer internship program requires a minimum of 40 hours per week. The fall, winter, and spring sessions require 20 hours per week. If the student is receiving college credit for the internship, the college or university will determine work hours, up to 40 hours per week. The Sports Commission is flexible in terms of exact work hours, but would require a loose schedule to be created in advance. Interns may not work on scheduled Sports Commission holidays. There may be occasions where attendance is mandatory and at least two weeks notice will be given.

Transportation and Parking - Transportation and parking are not provided or reimbursable. Interns may use the RTA system (the central train station is located in Tower City) or may drive and park for approximately $4 per day in some locations. RTA schedules and routes can be found at

Evaluation - Interns will be evaluated in the middle and at the end of the term. These evaluations are meant to be constructive criticism and are a tool for improvement and focus. They are meant to determine if the job duties and working conditions match the intern’s interests and expectations while allowing the GCSC to determine whether the intern’s qualifications, job performance, and work habits meet GCSC standards. In addition, the intern will have the opportunity to evaluate the Sports Commission on the quality of the internship program.

Supervision - The Director of Events supervises the internship program. However, one intern will be hired to meet every niche of our business so most day to day activities will be assigned and monitored by specific staff members. Close working relationships with all staff members must be developed. A general respect both for and from the intern are expected and required.

Application Procedure - Interested candidates should submit their resume, cover letter and references to:

Greater Cleveland Sports Commission
Attn: Internship Program
50 Public Square, Suite 950
Cleveland, Ohio, 44113

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