Wednesday, August 22, 2007

OUR STORIES -- Preserving OUR Cedar/Central Pillars

OUR Stories
Preserving OUR Cedar/Central Pillars

Many years ago, African American businesses and residents made the Cedar/Central region was one of the more prosperous communities in Cleveland. Unfortunately, many of today’s youth, who are growing up in one of the nations’ poorest cities, are unaware of the vast and rich history of the city and its neighborhoods. While several educational institutions exist in the community, very few, if any, incorporate this history into the curriculum. However, we are fortunate that we have elders within OUR community who lived through and experienced much of the Cedar/Central history.

This educational program is designed to help resolve the intergenerational disconnect between youth and the elders/pillars in Cleveland’s neighborhoods. In doing so, this particular initiative, Preserving OUR Cedar/Central Pillars, engages middle and high school age students in an oral history project which will preserve the experiences and stories of elders, who are often referred to as pillars, of the Cedar/Central community. In exchange for their testimonies and wisdom, the elders will have their front porches beautified with a fresh coat of paint and floral arrangements by students in the program FREE OF CHARGE.

If you are interested in getting your porch painted and decorated with flowers and sharing your history or experiences living in the Cedar/Central community, please contact the Director of OUR Stories, Dr. Dwayne C. Wright, Assistant Professor in the Department of Curriculum and Foundations at Cleveland State University at 216-875-9672 or

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