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Tutorial Programs

Tutoring Programs aid in helping students by providing much needed support in their academic regime so that the students can achieve their full potential. Tutoring programs provide much needed guidance for the students in passing their academic courses and standardized test. Presently, in America our urban education system is in tremendous distresses. Constantly we hear the media reports of low standardized test scores, insufficient operating funds, and dismal graduation rates which all seem to add to imbalance in the school system . In our effort to combat this atrocity we are compiling a reference of resources for those students who seek a refuge in a wilderness of despair. This guide is for the scholarly student, parents, famillies and community activist who want to take the initiative to gain help our students gain a higher level of understanding in thier curriculum. As students you should take full advantage of all of the resources available to you, so that you can maximize your potential. The many community tutoring programs that are available in the Cleveland area will give the students a chance to reach for the stars so that they can flourish and thrive.

Community Tutorial Programs:

Church of the Covenant
Capacity: limited
Location: Church of the Covenant
When: Saturday, 10:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m.
Participants: K-12
Contact: Linda Wilson
Web link: http://tutor_me.tripod.com/index.html
About the Program: Offers comprehensive tutoring for many grade-level and high school students in any academic area, including help with standardized test. This program is free and students must be registered to attend.

Project Step-up: Case Western Reserve University and Ohio College of Podiatric Medicine
Capacity: limited
Location: Langston Hughes Library and East Cleveland Main Library
When: Monday – Friday, 3:00 – 6:00 p.m.
Participants: K-12
Contact: Janice Eatman-Williams
Web link: http://www.case.edu/pubaff/commguide/stud_comserv.htm
About the Program: Tutors are placed at library sites and meet students regularly during the week. This program has several sites so that it makes it advantageous for those who do not have appropriate transportation.

Deuteronomy 8:3 Café Books and Music
Weekly Saturday Circle of Literacy
Capacity: limited
Location: ground floor of the Medical Associates Building at 1464 East 105th Street, between Ashbury and Wade Park Avenues, In the Heart of the Historic Heritage Lane Restoration. (216) 707-3388 or Deuteronomy8Cafe@aol.com
When: K-5 - 11:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. and 6th -12th Grades - 2:00 - 4:00 p.m.Call and register in advance so that an appropriate tutor will be available
Participants: Tutoring in all subjects for grades K - 12Contact: Janice Eatman-Williams
Web link: presently none available
About the Program: A wonderful café and cultural center that has a great energy. This site provides tutors for their weekly program that handles all grade levels and subjects. Please note that you should call in advance to set up an appointment for the Saturday tutorial.

Martin Luther King Jr. Library
Capacity: limited
Location: 1962 Stokes Boulevard, Cleveland, OH 44106
When: by appointment only
Participants: K-12
Contact: Joyce Bowers (216-623-7018)
Web link: http://www.cpl.org/Locations.asp?FormMode=Branch&ID=18
About the Program: This site has tutors that are available for FREE personal tutoring upon request of the library manager Ms. Joyce Bowers.

Church Programs:

Antioch Baptist Church – has a tutoring program only for Cleveland Public School students in grade K-8 that is totally free but the space is limited. They also offer a Bridge the Gap Program for high school students that expose them to leadership skills and career opportunities. Please contact the education coordinator, Teresa Bumpers at (216-791-6263 or 11307 Superior Ave. Cleveland, OH 44106).

Bethel AME Zion Church – offers after school tutorial services that are held at the church campus on Tuesday and Thursday from 3:00 – 6:00 p.m. There is limited space available and the program is tremendously growing beyond its borders. You can contact Bethel AME Zion Church directly at (216-421-1931 or 1428 E 110th St Cleveland, OH 44106)

Olivet Institutional Baptist Church – has a K-12 Program that is focused on math and reading. This Program offers an integration of other class activities to develop the cultural aspect of the scholars such as chess, drama, music and robotics classes. The capacity is 50 students based on the annual budget so space is limited but not compassion. Please contact Clem Norman for more information (216.721.3585 or 8712-14 Quincy Avenue Cleveland, Ohio 44106). http://www.oibc.org/aboutus.html

The Word Church – help students on a need basis for more information please contact Elder Morrison at (216-332-9673). http://www.ravernonministries.org/home.htm

Organizations and Programs:

Access/ TRIO Program – Case Western Reserve University and Cuyahoga Community College - http://studentaffairs.case.edu/accesstrio/

Cleveland Public Library – Homework Help On-line Resource

Cleveland Foundation – Greater Cleveland Literacy Collaborative

Cleveland READS - http://www.clevelandreads.org/

Post-secondary enrollment options (for high school students)- take college courses while in high school:

YMCA - http://www.ymcacleveland.org/content/home.aspx

Alternative to Going to a 4 year College

For those students who do not want to take the American traditional route of a 4-year college track there are alternatives in the professional world that can lead to successful and rewarding experiences and careers. There are 2-year colleges, technology schools, virtual academies (typically for non-traditional high school students), study abroad programs, community service programs, habitat for humanity, peace corps, military service and academies, vocational schools, travel for a year, independent learning (virtual academies), internships and apprenticeships.

Technology and career schools are other alternatives to the tradition 2-year and 4-year college curriculum. The benefits of the technology schools are the directness in their approach, time frame for entering a career and relatively inexpensive cost of attendance. Medical technologists, for example are gaining more ground in the health care field and there are huge opportunities for this area to grow in the job outlook. These career opportunities also extend to computer and electronic technology areas. There are many technology programs presently available through-out Ohio and America.

Many students may take a year out of school to travel around the world and perform some community service project. Commonly student has joined the Peace Corps or habitat for humanity. These programs help to build character and give students a broad view of the world and the service role they can play in helping the world community.

Links and Helpful Resources:

Alternatives to Directly Going to College from High School



Community Colleges and Technical Schools in Ohio

K12 Tutoring

Military Service and Acdemies


Virtual Schools
Sheryl Murray – League Park Center – (216-432-2790)
Lesley Smith and Sabrina Smith – offer supporter solutions to high school students having trouble in regular high school classes. (216-470-4588).

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